You Won't Believe This

You're never going to buy this --
You won't believe your ears.
My dad, he lets me drive his car.
Been doing it for years.

My friends can hardly stand it.
Some look at me in awe.
And when he sees me driving by,
My best friend drops his jaw.

I know the steps; don't worry!
My parents took me through it.
It's not that hard to figure out.
A little kid could do it.

My mom thinks it's so handy.
"My dear, please pick up bread!"
"Sure, Mom, you know I will."
"Or maybe buns instead!"

I go on errands daily;
I cruise around at night.
And every week I wash it up
To keep it gleaming white.

And no, it's not that crazy.
It's legal as can be.
The reason I can drive a car
Is 'cause I'm 43.


Miller Wicks

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