Bus Driver

Bus Driver

The man who drives my bus to school
is nice but kind of hairy.
To count the hairs on just his knee
could take all February


Becky, Betty, Buster, and Mo

Becky, Betty, Buster, and Mo
are four of my closest friends.
I'm guessing you'd like to meet them all.
Can you? Well, that depends.

To see them is a glorious feat.
It only rarely happens.
But if you want to give it a shot,
Step one is to start your clappin'.

The noisier it is, the better it is;
This gets them all to focus.
Then say out loud, as fast as you can,
"Come here!" and "Hocus pocus!"

Now put on a pair of high-powered glasses,
And squint your eyes together.
Then wrap this scarf around your waist
And stick in this light blue feather.

While jumping up and down in place,
Think of your favorite tune.
Then eat this plate of banana crepes
With this one-of-a-kind gold spoon.


Miller Wicks

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